A party game
for all ages.

a fast-paced card game.
The Party Game of the Year!

Shop the best selling party game Don't BEE Last. The party game that will have you and your friends and family in tears.

Worked well with ages 8 to 70. Fast-paced and fun. I never won -- almost always the last to react to the bee -- but I kept coming back with a smile!

Bryan (amazon customer)

This might be the only game I've ever played that made 23-year-olds laugh just as hard as 12-year-olds. I couldn't recommend it more!


Loved this game. My 7 and 9-year-old niece and nephew loved it. Even my mom who speaks and reads very little English enjoyed it.


Got this as a family Gift for Christmas. Fun for the kids and adults.

Amazon Customer